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Free Advice - I have extensive knowledge on Rio.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Email me at: or call me on my cell phone + 1 480 882-8373 - USA

Cell Phone Rental - $5.00US per day. Incoming calls are free from anywhere in the world. To make outbound phone calls you need to purchase credits which can be found at any newsstand.  


Car Service - Bruno & Arnold are professional drivers who we have known for over 14 years. They are trustworthy, reliable and very knowledgeable about Rio and the location of our apartments. If you would like to set up transportation you can email me or contact them directly.


They can pick you up from the airport and take you to Copacabana or Ipanema for $50.00US.  A return ride to the airport is $40.00US. Their cars can hold up to 4 people and some luggage.  If you have a larger group we have vans that can hold 8+ people and lots of luggage for $80.00US.

Bruno's cell # + 55 21 98102-5566  email:

Arnold's cell # + 55 21 99961-3193  email:


Here is a picture of Bruno and his car which can fit 4 people and a modest amount of luggage in the trunk.



Here is a picture of our van service which can hold 8+ people and lots of lugage for $80.00US.



Maid Service We can provide housekeeping service which includes cleaning, fresh towels and linens.


Prices for Maid Service - Includes Cleaning and Towel and Linen Replacements.


1 Bedrooms = $30.00US per Visit

2 Bedrooms = $50.00US per Visit

3 Bedrooms = $60.00US per Visit

Guide Services - Arnold, Bruno & Peter can take you to see all of Rio's favorite attractions. 

Arnold & Peter speak English and can take you around in his car or by foot. Please inquire 

about their services.  Arnold's cell # is +55 21 99961-3193, Bruno's cell # is + 5521-98102-5566.


My representative Peter Hult is at your service.  Peter meets a lot of our clients on arrival and handles any issues which may arise. He is also a registered tour guide. Email me if you are interested in some exciting and informative tours around Rio.


Peter's email address is and his cell phone # is + 55 21-99686-7184


Here is a nice picture of Peter on Ipanema Beach.



Favela Tours - We can organize exciting tours into the Favela Rochina with our experienced guide,  "Zezinho". For more information check out this website and you can email Zezinho at